Speed of listing Low carbon KOSDAQ, which specializes in “reducing fine dust.”

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Low Carbon, a developer of fine dust reduction materials, selected Hana Financial Investment as the organizer, speeding up the IPO. Based on the highest rating received from major technology evaluation agencies, the company plans to challenge the listing of KOSDAQ technology special cases next year.

Low Carbon announced on the 18th that it will sign a contract with Hana Financial Investment for IPO’s flagship organizer and start preparing for listing in earnest.

Low carbon is a specialized company with sulfur oxide reduction technology that causes fine dust. Sulfur oxides contained in fossil fuels are generated during combustion, and pre-combustion generation can be suppressed by adsorbing them on ash under high-temperature combustion conditions. This is a desulfurization method using materials and can be applied not only to land but also to sea, so it is evaluated as a technology that has advanced to the next level compared to existing desulfurization facilities.

Low carbon’s desulfurization technology was recognized as a T3 grade in the technology credit rating of Korea Enterprise Data (KED) in April last year. T3 meets the conditions for listing KOSDAQ technology special cases. The listing of special technology cases is a system for companies that challenge IPO based on technology and growth potential, not performance. The company also stressed that it acquired “TI-1,” which is the highest grade in technology evaluation of Nice Evaluation Information, in October last year.

In addition to desulfurization technology last year, Low Carbon plans to develop a carbon dioxide capture solution and grow it into a new growth business. The company explains that using KLC (carbon dioxide capture and conversion catalyst) can capture carbon dioxide and use it as a raw material for wet desulfurizers. In addition, the goal is to establish an additional process and electrolyze the collected carbon dioxide with sodium hydrogen carbonate to resources with hydrogen (H2).

Low Carbon predicted that fine dust will be reduced and sales of carbon-neutral solutions will increase significantly in line with the revitalization of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management by domestic and foreign companies. In particular, it is expected that business expansion will gain momentum overseas, which strictly applies environmental regulations. Currently, it has formed business partnerships with companies in China, Vietnam, the United States, and Europe to expand overseas markets.

Low carbon has had little sales while focusing on technology development, but the plan is to increase corporate value by increasing its performance in earnest this year. Recently, Pacific Bridge Asset Management evaluated Low Carbon’s corporate value at 160 billion won and decided to invest 20 billion won. The company plans to speed up the expansion of sales and profits by investing investment in expanding the material process.

An official from the investment banking (IB) industry said, “Low Carbon is a company that meets the ESG theme, which is growing in importance,” adding, “If we prove not only technology but also growth through performance, we will be able to raise the ransom.”