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  • CI & BI


  • The signature is a combination of a symbol mark and logo type in an appropriate proportion, and a combination suitable for the application situation can be selected and used. Since this combination is proportionally adjusted according to the symbol mark and each shape, the size, font, thickness, proportion, and letter spacing cannot be changed arbitrarily.

    • Combination of left and right

    • Combination of Top and Bottom

  • Low Carbon CI

    Logo Type

  • In order to build a brand identity with high completeness of LowCarbon, the overall concept of BI was expressed as a modern and trendy logo while inheriting the identity of the existing logo. It is a design that combines Leaf, which symbolizes the environment, Circle, which symbolizes the earth, and L and C of LowCarbon.

  • Grid & Space Guideline

  • The symbol mark must be managed thoroughly in use for a consistent image. The above example illustrates the basic combination proportionality and spacing of the symbol mark. Referring to the examples, you must manage them thoroughly so that any deformation does not occur. When using the symbol mark, data must be used for accurate reduction and enlargement.

    • grid

    • isolation Zones

  • Main color

  • Main color is another important means of differentiating the brand image. Therefore, it is important to correctly use the colors specified below. The consistent and uniform use is required with reference to the color standards suitable for each use such as printing and the web.









  • Color usage

  • The use of the background color is a very important factor in forming the brand image, and for the color and background color of the brand mark, the colors included in this book can be used in addition to the basic color. For clear visibility, a white background without a background color is the default, and when a background color is unavoidably used, the following background color usage rules must be followed to prevent misuse to prevent image distortion and damage.

  • Soild color

  • Solid color regulations are used when 4 primary colors are not available. When using a solid color or a black background, use white, and use the symbol mark according to the sequential change in brightness on a black background according to the example above.