Korea Gas Technology Corporation and LowCarbon Co., Ltd. will build an eco-friendly society.

Media Report



The Korea Gas Technology Corporation (President Cho Yong-don), which is pushing for hydrogen projects in various fields, including building and operating a number of hydrogen infrastructure and supporting promising small and medium-sized companies in the hydrogen sector, signed a “business agreement” at its headquarters in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do on the 22nd.

The agreement supports the technology and capabilities of the Korea Gas Technology Corporation, which practices hydrogen business-based ESG management, to smoothly carry out related projects, cooperates with each other to support localization and improve technology safety and efficiency.

Based on the maintenance technology and know-how accumulated in the high-pressure gas sector to contribute to safe and stable hydrogen supply, the Korea Gas Technology Corporation has a support system to evaluate and certify the performance of products made by small and medium-sized hydrogen industries.

Through this business agreement, it will support tasks such as sharing related technologies and on-site demonstration so that low carbon dioxide capture and commercialization of carbon dioxide reduction technologies based on conversion catalysts can be carried out early.

CCU technology independently developed by Low Carbon is a technology that can collect carbon dioxide based on KLC (carbon dioxide capture and conversion catalyst) and convert it into NaHCO and NaCOCO to use it as a wet desulfurizer, and resources into hydrogen (H2) through additional processes.

Cho Yong-don, president of the Korea Gas Technology Corporation, said, “As the average temperature has risen 1.4℃ over the past 30 years, abnormal weather such as heatwaves, heavy snow, and typhoons caused by global warming is essential.”

In addition, President Cho Yong-don said, “We hope that the two companies will become partners that open a sustainable future by sharing technology so that we can achieve the common goal of carbon neutrality and lead the carbon neutrality through cooperation with low carbon.”