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  • For the sake of sustainable human happiness,
    We have been creating solutions to tackle climate change and improve the atmospheric environment.

    LowCarbon constantly undertakes new challenges to achieve the ultimate value of human happiness.

    • Established


    • CEO

      Charles Lee

    • IP

      279’23.03 status

    • Employees

      123’23.03 status

  • CEO

  • Achieving carbon neutrality (Net-Zero) has become an essential task that
    we must accomplish for future generations.
    It is a crucial mission that we must undertake immediately through
    our practices and improvements.

    Entities across all sectors, including industry, academia, and research,
    and especially companies and governments, must join in the pursuit
    of research and policies for technology development and follow up
    with necessary investments. To meet this challenge, LowCarbon has hitherto
    pioneered solutions to improve the atmospheric environment and has continuously
    invested in R&D.

    Our climate technology (C-Tech) and systems, including the URANUS system,
    LC CCUS and DAC reduce and absorb carbon dioxide. Furthermore,
    we have been establishing an infrastructure to develop a clean
    hydrogen society based on the establishment of a blue hydrogen
    ecosystem. In this manner, we have been expanding our
    contributions and reputation as an energy company.

    LowCarbon Co., Ltd., is proud to be a leading company in climate
    technology. We are dedicated to presenting solutions for achieving
    carbonneutrality through innovative climate technology and pursuing
    happiness for humankind.

    Thank you.

    CEO    Charles  Lee

  • Certificates 

  • MTI New Technology
    Certificate (NET)​

    Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries​
    Fisheries​ New Technology Certificate (NET)

    Certificate of designation
    of innovative products​

    Certificate of designation​
    of innovative prototypes

    Certificate of outstanding
    technology competency

    Certificate of companies specializing
    in materials, parts, and equipment

    Technology Innovation Small
    and Medium Business Confirmation (Inno-Biz)​

    Business Innovation Small
    and Medium Business Confirmation Certificate​

    Jeollanam-do Certificate
    of Excellent Job Enterprise​

    Factual Attestation issued

    ISO 9001

    ISO 14001

    ISO 45001

    Global IP star company​

    KIMM-Family Corporate Agreement

    Certificate of confirmation for venture

    Certificate of Corporate Research

    Small and medium-sized business

    Certificate of Enterprise
    with Youth Tomorrow Fill Deduction​

    혁신제품 지정 인증서

    혁신제품 지정 인증서

    혁신제품 지정 인증서

    혁신제품 지정 인증서

    혁신제품 지정 인증서

    Main Certificates Status

      • Issued a Certificate of MOF New Technology (NER) ​
      • Issued a Certificate of MOTIE New Technology (NET) ​
      • Issued a Certificate of PPS Innovation Product​
      • Issued a Certificate of Global IP Star Company​
      • ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001
      • Issued a Certificate of INNOBIZ
      • Issued a Certificate of MAINBIZ​
      • Issued a Certificate of PPS Excellent Product
      • Issued a Certificate of company specializing in materials, parts and equipment​
      • Issued a Certificate of a company with excellent technical capabilities (T3)​
      • Issued a Certificate of LR (AIP) ​
  • ESG

    • EnvironmentGlobal environmental contribution to carbon reduction

      LowCarbon provides innovative solutions in the field of climate technology to protect the global environment and realize carbon neutrality.
      We are leading the transition to sustainable energy by reducing carbon emissions from our client companies and applying clean hydrogen production technology.

      • CCUS climate technology for carbon dioxide capture/utilization and permanent containment
      • Pre-combustion processing technology to reduce fine dust for the atmospheric environment
      • Artificial forest in the city, Zero C
      • ISO14001 environmental management system certification

      LowCarbon takes accountability for environmental issues and continuously strives to reduce carbon emissions from company operations.
      The company has ensured that its offices are paperless, saves energy through various efforts such as power saving campaigns, and recommends the use of non-disposable products such as personal handkerchiefs and mugs.​
      By promoting environmental management in everyday practice, the company is establishing its identity as a pursuer of ESG management and sustainability.

    • SocialFulfilling our social values

      LowCarbon prioritizes the happiness and safety of its members above all and creates social value through continuous social contribution.​
      The company is committed to developing together with the local community and pursues sustainable business to create a better world for future generations.

      • National Intelligence Service technology protection and in-house security training
      • ISO45001 safety and health management system certification
      • Community Contribution
        • - Awarded the Prime Minister’s Citation for job creation
        • - selected as an “Excellent job creating company” by Jeollanam-do Province
        • - designated a “Small but strong, youth-friendly company”

      By creating jobs in the local community, practicing community service, and providing a safe working environment where members can feel secure, we will continue to fulfill our social values as a key member of a safe and reliable society.

    • GovernanceTransparent governance and strengthened communication

      We enhance the sustainability of our growth and reinforce our corporate values through transparent governance.
      By strengthening the corporate management structure and reinforcing accountability and leadership, we are enhancing the transparency and efficiency of our corporate operations and thereby continuing to create value.

      • Improving openness in the composition of the board of directors and the governance structure for activities
      • Information disclosure and communication, activities for building supportive relations with shareholders
      • Establishment of ethical standards, operation of audit organizations
      • Operation of the ESG Management Committee

      We are improving the composition and open governance structure of the board of directors to better reflect our transparent management philosophy, and engage in shareholder-friendly activities to lead transparent decision-making within the company and cooperation with external stakeholders.These efforts ultimately build the trustworthiness and value of LowCarbon.