Clean Hydrogen Solutions

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This is the
[Second Mission ]  of LowCarbon

We will pioneer the frontier of the clean hydrogen era.

Fossil fuels, which have driven the development of human society since the Industrial Revolution, have brought about climate change.
This has precipitated a crisis in our pursuit of a sustainable society and human rights to happiness
Now, we need to make a transition from the fossil fuel era to the new energy era. We need hydrogen energy, a clean fuel,
to fulfill our hope for the future and the values of our times.


The ecosystem of a clean hydrogen society created by low carbon

Through BlueHynus, LowCarbon’s clean hydrogen brand, we produce and supply clean hydrogen while building
and operating hydrogen charging stations. The ultimate goals that LowCarbon is pursuing through its Uranus system is
to achieve a green hydrogen production system linked with LC CCUS and to realize a mobility society that uses hydrogen fuel.


Clean hydrogen to be created by LowCarbon

For the first time in Korea, we are establishing a clean hydrogen ecosystem by utilizing blue hydrogen production through natural gas reforming.
We will usher in a clean hydrogen society by capturing and absorbing carbon dioxide generated in the process of extracting hydrogen through natural gas reforming by utilizing the KLC-based LC CCUS (LowCarbon Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration) solution.