Low Carbon-Dong bang Carbon dioxide Environmental Regulation Business Agreement

Media Report



Low Carbon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Cheol) signed a business agreement with Dongbang Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung Min Sung) on the 13th for the purpose of collaborating with IMO (International Maritime Organization) on carbon dioxide environmental regulations.

The business agreement ceremony held at Low Carbon Co., Ltd., located at Seongjeon Industrial Complex in Seongjeon-myeon, was held with executives from both companies, including Lee Chul, head of the Marine Business Department, Kim Sung-min, head of Gwangyang Branch, and Hwang Ki-soo.

At the signing ceremony, Low Carbon Co., Ltd. and Eastern companies promised to cooperate by making the most of their capabilities and resources. In the signing ceremony, Low Carbon decided to cooperate in the development of carbon dioxide capture reduction scruba. Dongbang decided to have stable supply cooperation by utilizing Eastern resources for domestic and overseas shipments of low carbon products.

Sung-min, CEO of Dongbang Co., Ltd., said, “I am happy to sign a business agreement with Low Carbon Co., Ltd., which has the world’s unique technology in the field of carbon reduction,” adding, “I hope it will become a leading company in improving the marine environment in the global village.”

Meanwhile, Low Carbon Co., Ltd. is an environmental vaccine company that moved into the Sungjeon Industrial Complex in 2020 and has combustion pretreatment desulfurization technology that reduces sulfur dioxide (SO2) generated when burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, and CCU technology that collects and resources carbon dioxide from land, sea and atmosphere. Currently, domestic companies and institutions are in the process of introducing low carbon pretreatment desulfurization systems and CCU technologies, and are expanding their export markets by signing business contracts with foreign companies such as China, Vietnam, the United States, and Europe.

CEO Lee Cheol of Low Carbon said, “Through this business agreement, we will use it as an opportunity to lead the development of the marine ship market through continuous development between the two companies in the ship sector, one of Low Carbon’s main businesses.”

Source: Gangjin Newspaper (http://www.gjon.com)