Atmospheric Environment Solutions

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This is the
[Third Mission ]  of LowCarbon

We make the world’s sky blue again

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) generated in the combustion process is a precursor to fine dust, along with nitrogen oxides (NOx)
and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization classifies fine dust
as a group 1 carcinogen. The WHO states that seven million people die prematurely every year due to fine dust.
LowCarbon is determined to restore the blue skies to pass on to future generations through our climate technology.


(Desulfurization In Combustion) An innovative desulfurization solution that fundamentally removes sulfur dioxide generated
in the combustion process of fossil fuels, by elimination in the combustion furnace

DIC is based on GTS, a pre-combustion desulfurization agent for solid fuels such as coal used in power plants, and LCLS,
a pre-combustion desulfurization treatment agent for liquid fuels such as bunker oil used in ships.
The advantages of DIC are the relative simplicity of the facilities and the efficiency in cost management and space utilization.
In addition, desulfurization in the combustion process reduces the operating load of FGD, thereby dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


An innovative desulfurization material leading DIC

This is a pre-combustion desulfurization treatment material for land-based use such as in coal-fired power plants.
The reliability of this product has been attested by its New Excellent Technology (NET) certification and its registration as an “excellent procurement product.”

  • Coal
  • Ash
  • Sulfur(S)
  • GTS
  • Na₂SO₄