[MBN]Korea Western Power-LowCarbon Co-Development of Fine Dust Reduction Technology

Media Report



LowCarbon, a technology development company that collects and utilizes carbon dioxide, announced on the 29th that it has recently signed a contract for technology development after being selected as a purchase conditional new product development project organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in March.

Through this contract, the two companies are planning to jointly develop ‘Sulfur oxide minimization emission technology using functional desulfurization materials’. This technology is a technology that simultaneously applies pre-treatment and post-treatment desulfurization systems to Taean Power Generation Headquarters Power Generation Unit 6 (FGD), which is operating, and minimizes sulfur oxide emissions.

The project runs over a year, according to LowCarbon. “It is meaningful because it is a national R&D (R&D) demonstration project that takes place at a time when regulations on the air environment are tightened, such as the implementation of air pollutant emission system and optimal input technology after putting GTS into the fuel injection system.”

The official added, “The combination of FGD, a post-treatment system that reduces sulphur oxides already generated by burning fuels, and a pretreatment system that reduces sulphur oxides during combustion can minimize sulphur oxides.”