[E-News Today] KangJingoon, ‘LowCarbon – ABB Korea’ Agreement on Improving the Atmosphere

Media Report



The two companies agreed to cooperate with each other in research, development, and project promotion by utilizing environmental improvement technologies and systems held by each company.

The agreement is expected to combine technology developed by LowCarbon Co., Ltd. with ABB Korea’s technology to build an eco-friendly and efficient system.

LowCarbon Co., Ltd. is an environmental vaccine company and has a technology to reduce sulfur oxides (SOX) that controls oxidation of sulfur components under high temperature combustion conditions and CCU technology that collects and utilizes carbon dioxide. It is also carrying out projects related to pre-treatment desulfurization systems with domestic power generators, private companies, Vietnam and Russia, and is carrying out K-Forest projects to install carbon dioxide absorption devices on industrial complexes and streets in South Jeolla Province.

ABB Korea is one of the world’s top three engineering companies, mainly producing large power generation devices, turbines, locomotives, high-frequency devices, and various controls, and stands out in various businesses such as power generation, power transmission, power distribution, general industry (metallurgy, process automation, etc.), transportation, environmental protection, financial services, robotics, and supercharger.

“This agreement is not just for the development of technology,” said CEO Lee Chul. “It is an opportunity to overcome the global climate crisis and take the lead in improving the atmospheric environment by meeting domestic native technologies and world-class technologies,” he said. “It will serve as a stepping stone to commercialize domestic native technologies globally.”