[Electric Power Journal] LowCarbon ‘Best Partner in Power Generation Corporation’

Media Report



LowCarbon (CEO Lee Chul) is a company specializing in environmental vaccines that is taking the lead in responding to air environmental issues such as climate change and fine dust caused by global warming.

Lowcarbon has developed pre-treated desulfurization technology that reduces sulfur dioxide (SO)) generated when burning fossil fuels such as coal and CCUS technology that collects and resources carbon dioxide. This technology is applicable to all businesses that use fossil fuels.

Lowcarbon pre-treated desulfurizer (GTS) for thermal power generation is a technology that controls oxidation of sulfur components under high temperature combustion conditions. There are features that are easy to apply to all businesses. This technology is a technology that can create high value-added with a small number of people.

LowCarbon has developed KLC (Electrical and Chemical Conversion Catalyst) to solve these environmental problems.

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Technology sampled one liter of exhaust gas generated by ship engines and conducted a carbon dioxide collection test. It then announced the test results that KLC of lowcarbon will collect 97.35 percent of carbon dioxide to reduce emissions.

Sample analysis tests conducted by the Chemical Fusion Test Institute proved that the collected carbon dioxide is converted into sodium hydrogen carbonate used as desulfurizer.

In the end, it proved that low carbon technology is CCUS technology that can capture and utilize carbon dioxide at the same time, not just CCS technology that collects carbon dioxide.

“We are conducting the K-Forest project with Jeollanam-do,” a lowcarbon official said. “The first K-Forest will be installed in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do in August this year.” The K-Forest project is to realize carbon neutrality by installing a “carbon dioxide absorption tower” that collects carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in industrial complexes and streets.