[MBN NEWS] LowCarbon has captured carbon dioxide, the key to overcoming the climate crisis.

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Carbon neutrality has emerged as a national challenge to reduce carbon dioxide generation.

A venture company in South Jeolla Province has developed a groundbreaking technology to capture and reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

Ellen Musk also put 100 billion won worth of prize money on a carbon dioxide technology company, which was the only company in Korea to pass the first gate.

Reporter Jung Chi-hoon covered it.


Carbon dioxide is generated as the gas boiler is running.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is about 0.04 percent, but it rises to 11 percent.

It halves in just five minutes with a device that collects carbon dioxide.

It is to capture carbon dioxide using a patented technology called catalyst, which changes into a liquid state and changes into sodium carbonate, commonly used baking powder for bread.

The technology has been developed to reuse sodium hydrogen carbonate as a product that reduces sulfur content from chimneys again.

▶ Standing: Jung Chi-hoon / Journalist

– “We expect the scale to be applied to all industries, including ships and power plants.”

▶ Interview: Shim Sung-hoon / Research Institute of Korea

– “We’re doing great to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from diesel engines by over 97% in just 15 minutes.”

Not long ago, Tesla founder Ellen Musk bet 100 billion won on carbon dioxide removal technology.

The company is the only one in Korea to participate in the competition as a tower-like device that collects carbon dioxide in the air.

▶ Interview: Lee Chul/CEO of Low Carbon

“We already have about a ton of technology a day, so we deserve to win.”

In Korea, carbon taxes are levied on businesses that emit carbon dioxide, but unlike advanced countries, there is no compensation policy for reduction technology yet.

This is a challenge that needs to be addressed before falling behind in the global carbon reduction competition.

I’m Jung Chi Hoon from MBN News. [ pressjeong@mbn.co.kr ]

Video coverage: Reporter Choi Yang-kyu

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