[Asia Today] Low carbon and ‘CCU technology’ that reduces 98% of carbon dioxide has been introduced.

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Carbon dioxide collected by lowcarbon dioxide collection and utilization technology reacts with a conversion catalyst mixed with water and is converted into sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium carbonate in a liquid state. Carbon dioxide storage technology (CCS), which utilizes this technology, is easy to store and move, is easy to convert to other functional materials, and has a very high economic feasibility due to simultaneous application of CCUs.

Carbon dioxide conversion materials stored in liquid form can be used for various purposes depending on technological development, raising expectations for the resourceization of carbon dioxide. LowCarbon announced through a demonstration that it is developing a carbon dioxide-sulfur oxide reduction system in conjunction with existing sulfur oxide reduction technologies.

“We have started designing to optimize carbon dioxide capture scrubbers,” CEO Lee Chul said. “We will recruit the best experts as chief technology officers and open research laboratories and offices in Seoul and Daejeon.” “The development of optimization technology will make progress in solving the global climate crisis,” CEO Lee said.

Yoon Byung-tae, vice governor of political affairs in Jeollanam-do, said, “I am proud that such technology has been developed in Jeollanam-do.” “We will apply this technology to implement test beds in Jeollanam-do and actively support technology advancement.”