LowCarbon exports 1.3 trillion won worth of desulfurization GTS to Vietnam

Media Report



[Reporter Oh Se-young of the Energy Economy Newspaper] Low Carbon, a pretreatment desulfurization technology and carbon capture technology (CCUS) company, announced on the 17th that it has signed an export contract worth 1.3 trillion won with Vietnam’s Dai Nam Son Group.  

Under the contract, Low Carbon plans to apply the pre-treatment desulfurization agent GTS to about 30 power plants, including Vietnam’s state-run power plant and Coal Mineral Co., Ltd., and 15 new power plants. 

The pre-treatment desulfurization technology, a patented technology of low carbon introduced in the global market, is a technology that can reduce sulfur oxide emissions at a low cost. It can also be applied simultaneously to workplaces where existing post-treatment smoke desulfurization facilities (FGD) are installed, so it is possible to prepare for a strengthened total emission system. 

In addition, GTS can be used alone in foreign workplaces without FGD facilities, reducing sulfur oxide emissions at relatively low installation costs. 

In particular, as the Vietnamese Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Science and Technology have completed the verification of the application of GTS, the design of the GTS input facility (H2L System) is considered in the initial design stage of 15 new power plants.

Low Carbon plans to export 4,000 tons of pre-combustion desulfurization agent GTS this year. The goal is to export 1,028,000 tons by 2031, generating a total of 1.3 trillion won in sales. On top of that, it is predicted that additional sales will occur considering the installation of GTS input facilities and additional contracts. 

Furthermore, the strategy is to secure control of the Vietnamese market by signing this large-scale export contract and expand its business area throughout Southeast Asia.

Lee Chul, CEO of Low Carbon, said, “This export contract will serve as an opportunity for Low Carbon to grow into a global company and there will be major changes in the global market beyond Asia,” adding, “We will make company-wide efforts to create additional opportunities.” 

Low Carbon is promoting commercialization of CCUS technology as well as pretreatment desulfurization technology by cooperating with power generation public corporations and Korea Gas Technology Corporation to commercialize CCUS technology.

Meanwhile, Dai Nam Son Group is carrying out projects for public health, including organic food, Joabin Organic, Smart Farm, Daitotam, Phuan Chang, and Red23 Vietnam. It aims to produce clean products and protect the ecological environment in the future.