[INews 24] Introducing ‘CCU’ technology that reduces carbon dioxide by 98%

Media Report



[INews 24, Reporter Min Hye-jung] LowCarbon announced on the 9th that it has succeeded in collecting about 48% of carbon dioxide from the LPG boiler and liquefying it.

On the 25th and 26th of last month, in the presence of many related organizations and companies, including Jeollanam-do and Hadong Development Co., they used 100% of their own technologies such as KLC and Scrubber, which are carbon dioxide conversion catalysts.

In addition, a test using a multi-level bubble scrubber of mixed gas containing 75% argon gas and 25% carbon dioxide showed that carbon dioxide was reduced from 24.8% to 0.42%, proving its collection efficiency of more than 98%.

It is working with Coventry University in the UK and Lloyd’s Shipping (LR) to certify the International Maritime Organization. Once the process is completed and certified, shipping companies expect to be able to use relatively cheap high-sulfur fuel oil, which will greatly help reduce costs and improve management.

Lee Chul, CEO of LowCarbon, said, “We have started designing to optimize carbon dioxide capture scrubbers, and we have hired the best experts as chief technology officer (CTO).” “The development of optimization technology will help solve the global climate crisis.”