Dongbang-Low Carbon, Contract for Supply of Air-Carbon Carbon Dioxide Collection Resources

Media Report


Dongbang, a general logistics company, has signed a contract to supply facilities for carbon dioxide capture and resourceization of Low Carbon, an environmental vaccine company in Gangjin Industrial Complex, Jeollanam-do. 

Low Carbon’s carbon dioxide capture and resourceization facility is a technology that collects carbon dioxide, a representative greenhouse gas in the air, and the facility contracted this time is 5㎡ small and requires about 50kg of carbon dioxide to be collected per month.

In the future, Low Carbon announced that it will produce facilities that can collect about one ton a month, and Dongbang is positively considering additional supply contracts.

Currently, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air has increased by about 1.5 times compared to 1750 before industrialization, and is recognized as the main culprit of global warming.

Technologies that reduce carbon dioxide and capture carbon dioxide from factories and power plants are attracting global attention, and foreign countries such as the U.S. and Switzerland already recognize these technologies as key to solving climate problems and provide policy support.

However, compared to developed countries, the system necessary for carbon neutrality practice is insufficient and policy support is insufficient in Korea.

A Low Carbon official said, “Recently, companies are interested in ESG management, which has fulfilled their social responsibilities and is considering corporate value and sustainability, and many companies are inquiring about Low Carbon’s carbon dioxide capture technology as a way of ESG investment.”