28th WGC2022 GAS Directory in KOREA ‘Low carbon’ Excerpt

Media Report


LowCarbon Co., Ltd. is an global leading environmental company with technology

to reduce sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. based on differentiated material-oriented global environment

improvement technology, we are promoting four major projects: CO2 reduction, mineral carbonation,

hydrogen resource conversion, and SOx reduction. Our products include GTS(pre-treatment desulfurizer for Thermal power Plant), LCLS(pre-treatment desulfurizer for marine industry), KLC(CO2 capture and conversion catalyst), Zero C(DAC facility), and KGH(CCUStechnology-based green hydrogen), total five products.

in particular, CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization Storage) based on KLC, a catalyst for capturing

and converting carbon dioxide, is a technology that enables CO2 capture from all CO2 emission sources

and recycles to NA2CO3 at the same time. Recycled materials can be used as wet desulfurizer or soda ahs through additional processes, and hydrogen(H2) is produced through electrolysis. Especially,

LowCarbon’s hydrogen resource technology reacts at room temperature to minimize power, and has the

advantage of greatly reducing hydrogen production costs by facilitating mass production due to the high

efficiency of hydrogen conversion and simple process.

Lowcarbon is conducting R&D and commrecialization of Zero C, a DAC facility that can capture and recycle low concentration CO2 in the atmosphere and high concentration CO2 emitted from domestic power plants. We are accelerating the hydrogen business in earnest by establishing a hydrogen production plant and a resource factory in Jeollanam-do. in addition, we have established a corporation in Delaware in the U.S. to conduct a blue hydrogen production project to capture/resource CO2 generated during the methan(CH4) reforming process using shale gas in the U.S.