[MBN] Jeollanam-do – Low Carbon, Suncheon Haeryong Industrial Complex ‘CO2 Capture Plant’

Media Report



Jeollanam-do has signed an investment agreement worth 150 billion won with Low Carbon, a pretreatment desulfurizer producer, in Suncheon Haeryong Industrial Complex.

Under the agreement, Low Carbon will build a 1 million-ton annual carbon dioxide capture production plant on 30,000 square meters of Haeryongsandan by 2024, which is expected to create 200 new jobs.

LowCarbon, headquartered in Gangjin, South Jeolla Province, currently has 22 domestic and foreign patent registration and application, including de-utilization catalysts and manufacturing methods, and is an environmental leader in signing business contracts with Western Power, South Korea and overseas thermal power plants.

In particular, we are planning an artificial forest project to reduce greenhouse gases by using carbon dioxide capture technology.