[Shin-A Ilbo] Lowcarbon, JDP promotion for pre-treatment desulfurization technology ‘IMO certification’

Media Report



LowCarbon made an announcement on the 2nd that it has signed a Joint Development Project (JDP) agreement with Lloyd Shipping in the U.K. to certify IMO of the “H2L pre-treatment desulfurization system (H2L)

If the ship pre-treatment desulfurization system is approved by IMO, there will be one more alternative for ship owners to choose from in response to regulations on ship types. Ship owners, who have been using low sulfur oil instead of high-priced oil, are expected to be able to use relatively cheap crude oil, which will greatly help ship management.

LowCarbon will be able to accelerate its advance certification and IMO approval as the joint development projects of the three companies, including STX Heavy Industries, which signed the JDP agreement on January 8, have begun in earnest.

In addition, it has already signed an agreement with Coventry University in the U.K. to investigate the European market for the pre-treatment desulfurization system of ships, and is expected to enter the market through industry-academic links. “It is expected to be commercialized in the global market in the second half of this year,” CEO Lee said. “The commercialization of pre-treatment desulfurizers in the global ship market will begin.”