Mokpo Maritime University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation signed an agreement to realize carbon neutrality in the community.

Media Report


Mokpo Maritime University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group (Director Nam Taek-geun) and LowCarbon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Cheol) signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement at 14:00 p.m on the 9th (Thursday) to realize carbon neutrality

This agreement is of great significance in participating in the promotion of the net zero 2050 based on Mokpo Maritime University’s marine/ship expertise and Low Carbon’s technology.

LowCarbon Co., Ltd., which participates in the agreement, has been seeking approval from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for LCLS, an independently developed pretreatment desulfurizing ship, and H2L System, a precision injection system, and is reportedly being applied to test the suitability of the pretreatment desulfurization system due to the injection of unique sulfur oil. In addition, LowCarbon Co., Ltd. plans to preoccupy the high-efficiency eco-friendly ship market that inhibits greenhouse gas emissions by verifying the suitability of pretreatment desulfurization systems to all ship engines and applying carbon dioxide capture/conversion facilities (K-Scrubber) to ships.

Mokpo Maritime University is a representative national university that fosters excellent commercial officers, and is a representative maritime university in Korea that ranks first in the employment rate of national and public universities nationwide based on graduates from 2017 to 2019. It is a university with independent R&D capabilities in the marine sector by conducting more than hundreds of central R&D research projects such as marine traffic safety diagnosis, ship new material parts development, marine environment, smart autonomous ships, and marine wind power generation.

Interest in the environment is increasing around the world, and carbon neutrality is no longer an issue that can be delayed, Nam Taek-geun said. “We expect carbon neutrality to be realized through collaboration with our university’s research capabilities and low-carbon technology.” Accordingly, Lee Chul, CEO of LOWCARBON, said, “I am happy to establish a cooperative relationship with Mokpo Maritime University, which leads the domestic marine industry. Through this industry-academic business agreement, active cooperation in the ship sector is expected to take place among Low Carbon’s flagship projects, and through continuous exchanges and cooperation between the two organizations, it will greatly contribute to fostering future talent and development of the marine/ship market.”

The industry-academic cooperation agreement is expected to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in the local community and further national policy through cooperation between local national universities and local small and medium-sized companies.