LowCarbon is one of the leading climate tech companies to lead the National Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals (NDC)



  • Introduced as one of the top five technologies of Climate Tech.
  • Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said, “We will actively foster climate technology as a new national growth engine.”
  • LowCarbon Expects to Play a Big Role in Reflecting Government’s Carbon Neutral Policy
Photo Description: LowCarbon CEO Lee Chul introduces Zero C to Prime Minister Han Duck-soo.
Photo: LowCarbon

LowCarbon attended the Climate Tech Venture and Startup Meeting held on March 22nd as a representative climate tech company and introduced carbon tech technologies such as Zero C and CCUS technology.The climate technology sector is divided into five major areas: carbon (carbon collection), clean (energy), eco (environment), food (agricultural food), and geo (observation and climate adaptation) tech.

The event was hosted by Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, co-chairman of the Presidential “2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee,” which was held following the “Town Hall Meeting” held in Busan on the 13th.​

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said, “Climate technology is the core technology of the 4th industrial revolution such as space, AI, big data, and drones,” adding, “We will take a step forward in global investment and support in the climate technology sector.”

Photo Description: Participants in the Climate Tech Venture Startup Meeting are taking commemorative photos.
Photo: LowCarbon

As a representative company of climate technology to achieve carbon neutrality and green growth in Korea, LowCarbon was invited to all town hall meetings and meetings to express opinions to government officials and is expected to play a major role in reflecting the government’s carbon neutrality policy.

LowCarbon CCUS technology is expected to contribute greatly to developing Korea’s carbon neutrality and new growth engine as a business model for responding to climate change and carbon neutrality.<The End>