Global moves ahead of the era of LowCarbon and clean hydrogen



  • The core of CCU technology and clean hydrogen production that capture and utilize carbon dioxide
  • Starting with 10 tons/day production in the U.S. in 2025, domestic hydrogen production is also actively progressing.

LowCarbon, which has Korea’s unique carbon collection and utilization (CCU) technology, has been recognized for its technology by Ocean Green H2, a U.S. clean hydrogen consulting company.

Ocean Green H2 Vice President Hani Banoub and CCC Group CEO Joe A. Garza visited LowCarbon with an entourage on Jan. 16.

Ocean Green H2’s visit to Korea seems to be an extension of LowCarbon’s entry into the U.S. for the production and distribution of clean hydrogen in Florida last year.

<Photo Description> CCC Group CEO Joe A. Garza, LowCarbon CEO, and Ocean Green H2 Vice President Hani from the fourth to the left.

LowCarbon is a “C-Tech” with carbon capture & utilization (CCU) technology that is unique among Korean companies, and aims to produce 10 tons of clean hydrogen in 2025, starting with the U.S., the first step last year.

Ocean Green H2 is a consulting company that leads carbon reduction technologies and policies with the aim of building hydrogen hubs in Florida, USA.It inspected low-carbon CCU production facilities, self-produced DAC plant Zero C, and hydrogen charging stations, and went through the inspection process of low-carbon facilities for CCU facility OEMs with EPC company CCC Group.

<Photo Description> Second Vice President of Ocean Green H2 from right, Second CCC Group CEO Joe A. Garza from left

CCC Group evaluated that LowCarbon’s CCU facility technology shows the completeness of the technology that can be commercialized immediately.

Joe A. Garza, CEO of CCC Group, said, “We have seen with our own eyes the firm carbon dioxide utilization capabilities of LowCarbon’s CCU and Zero C facilities.We will support the design licensing work in the U.S. to speed up the introduction of LowCarbon technology for the supply of clean hydrogen in the U.S.,” he said adding, “We will proceed with the construction (EPC) work, design and licensing process in Florida, the U.S.

Unlike Carbon Capture Storage (CCS), which collects and stores carbon dioxide, LowCarbon’s CCU technology is unique and unique in that it can utilize carbon dioxide immediately, and it is expected to play a big role in supplying clean hydrogen in the United States, said Hani, vice president of Ocean Green H2.

In particular, Space Florida, an aerospace organization affiliated with the state of Florida in the United States, also announced that it would cooperate to supply clean hydrogen made by LowCarbon as fuel.This means that clean hydrogen produced by domestic companies could allow projectiles from U.S. space agencies to fly up.

<Photo Description> Starting from the second left, Ocean Green H2 Vice President Hani, LowCarbon CEO Lee Chul, and CCC Group CEO Joe A. Garza

LowCarbon intends to contribute to the energy transformation of Korea, starting with the supply of clean hydrogen in the United States.

Meanwhile, LowCarbon, along with the Korea Gas Technology Corporation, will build a 10 tons clean hydrogen production plant a day in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do, collect about 100 tons of CO2 and resource it as a mineral carbonic acid.The blue hydrogen produced in this way is planned to be supplied to 4.2 MWh fuel cell power generation complexes and hydrogen charging stations.

Lee Chul, CEO of LowCarbon, said, “In the future, LowCarbon will continue to produce clean hydrogen with both economic and productivity by collecting and utilizing carbon dioxide generated in the process of reforming natural gas with hydrogen through CCU technology.”

LowCarbon has begun taking steps to open an era of energy transformation with the aim of overcoming the climate crisis for the future of mankind.<The End>