LowCarbon Signs Design Service Contract for Construction of First Blue Hydrogen CCU Convergence Facility in Korea



– Signed a design service contract for construction with Korea Gas Technology Corporation

– Not only blue hydrogen production, but also carbon dioxide capture resources, hydrogen charging stations, and fuel cell power generation will be carried out.

LowCarbon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Chul) announced that it has signed a design service contract with the Korea Gas Technology Corporation (President Cho Yong-don) to produce blue hydrogen and build convergence facilities for the first time in Korea.Recently, the CCU Climate Research Center opened by LowCarbon in Daejeon held a contract signing event on Oct. 25 with representatives of both companies, executives, and officials attending.The two companies have already formed a comprehensive business agreement on carbon dioxide collection and resource development projects, and have started to materialize the project by signing a design service contract to build a CCU convergence complex.

<Left photo: CEO Lee Chul of LowCarbon, right photo: President Cho Yong Don of Korea Gas Technology Corporation>

According to the contract, LowCarbon includes all detailed designs such as natural gas (LNG) supply facilities, production facilities for hydrogen extraction by modifying natural gas, CCU process facilities for collecting and resourceing carbon dioxide, and hydrogen storage and charging facilities.Through these facilities, LowCarbon will be able to supply 10 tons of blue hydrogen, a low-carbon clean hydrogen, a 4.2 MWh hydrogen fuel cell power generation project and hydrogen vehicle charging stations.In addition, a project to collect 100 tons of carbon dioxide per day generated in the hydrogen extraction process and resource it as a mineral carbonic acid material will be carried out in parallel.

<Figure: Blue hydrogen production and CCU fusion complex bird’s eye view>

In the case of extracting hydrogen, 8 to 10 tons of carbon dioxide are generated per ton of hydrogen in this process, and the hydrogen produced at this time is called gray hydrogen. LowCarbon can produce blue hydrogen (clean hydrogen) by collecting and resourceing carbon dioxide using CCU technology.Korea enacted the world’s first hydrogen law and plans to set the grade of clean hydrogen through enforcement ordinances, and the price is expected to be set differently depending on the clean grade.In addition, it is expected to implement a clean hydrogen power generation atomization system (CHPS) for fuel cell power generation using clean hydrogen, which is expected to improve its business feasibility significantly.

“With the aim of constructing URANUS where humanity and the environment coexist, we can build hydrogen convergence facilities, including hydrogen production, utilization, and CCU facilities, and collect carbon dioxide generated during the hydrogen production process to enhance economic feasibility,” said Lee Cheol.
Cho Yong-don, president of the Korea Gas Technology Corporation, said in a greeting, “By establishing the first blue hydrogen production base in Korea, we intend to establish ourselves as a leading company in new climate technology based on eco-friendly energy.he stressed.In addition, an official from the Gangjin County Office said, “We plan to create a landmark that enhances the status of environmental strong earthquakes and secures sustainability through clean energy,” expressing high expectations for securing the sustainability of Gangjin-gun.
In order to promote the project, LowCarbon is in consultation with related organizations such as the county office to provide new benefits to local residents by constructing a 10-kilometer supply pipe facility from Gangjin-eup to Gangjin Industrial Complex in Seongjeon-myeon.<The End>