LowCarbon moves to open up the U.S. blue hydrogen



– Participated in the construction of the Houston Hydrogen Hub Complex by signing MOUs with key members of the Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC).

– Expanded expansion of CCU and DAC operations throughout the United States, starting with Houston.

– LowCarbon, along with global companies ExonMobil and Shell, is one of 29 key member companies under the Houston Hydrogen Commission (HHC) in the United States.

CEO LowCarbon Lee Chul, who is visiting the United States, signed an MOU with the Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC) of the United States to create a hydrogen hub complex.

The Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC) is a committee operated by the Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) (CEO, Brett Perlman), sponsored and participated by leading energy companies such as ExonMobile and Shell, the U.S. global energy dinosaurs.

The main focus of the MOU is to cooperate with 29 member companies under the Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC) to create a Houston hydrogen infrastructure hub.It is meaningful in that LowCarbon is the first Asian company to cooperate with global companies in the U.S. hydrogen business.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is also responding quickly to the creation of a hydrogen fund worth KRW 1 trillion and the U.S. Houston Hydrogen Committee (HC) as it promotes a hydrogen infrastructure hub project.

Located near Houston, the Gulf Coast is one of the largest hydrogen production sites in the United States, rich in hydrogen production facilities, pipelines, large-scale infrastructure for industrial energy consumers, and skilled technical personnel.For this reason, Houston is likely to become a strong candidate for the hydrogen hub complex promoted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and a global clean hydrogen production center.

<Left photo: CHF CEO Brett Perlman, right photo: LowCarbon CEO Lee Chul>

Lee Chul, CEO of LowCarbon, who visited the Houston Future Center (CHF) in the U.S., said, “LowCarbon is a key member of the Houston Hydrogen Committee (HC) in the U.S., and we will cooperate with the members to produce blue hydrogen and build CCU plants.”In response, Brett Perlman, CEO of the Houston Future Center (CHF), said, “We promise overall business cooperation in hydrogen value chain construction, including hydrogen charging stations and hydrogen vehicle infrastructure, and overall business cooperation on CCU plant sites, carbon dioxide emitters, and resource demand in Houston.replied he.

<Picture: Site of signing MOU agreement>

LowCarbon is one of the 29 key member companies under the Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC) along with global companies ExonMobile and Shell, and if Houston is designated as a clean hydrogen hub in the U.S., it is expected to enter the U.S. blue hydrogen market and CCU and DAC markets.

<Data: Current status of key groups of Houston Hydrogen Committee (HHC)>
Source: Houston as the epicenter of a global clean hydrogen hub, CHF. 2022.

Through MOU with CCC Group, a company specializing in EPC in the U.S., LowCarbon is setting the stage for pioneering the blue hydrogen market in the U.S. using CCU technology and is targeting the U.S. market in earnest.<The End>