[Daily Economy] Development of technology to capture and convert CO2 from ships into resources!

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Certified technology by the Korea Institute of Machinery & materials to convert CO2 into fuel methanol instead of landfill!

Among current CO2 reduction technologies, CCS (Collection Technology) is the most frequently used. CCS catches CO2, but there is a hassle of reclaiming captured CO2 underground.

CCU technology developed by CEO Lee took a step further from this and allowed the captured CO2 to be recycled without having to be buried under the ground.

“By utilizing LowCarbon’s CCU technology, CO2 can be made into sodium carbonate, which is used in fuel methanol and EGCS (Emission Sanitizer) desulfurizer,” CEO Lee said. “We received certification from the Korea Institute of Machinery & materials.”

CEO Lee explained that if CCU technology is used, it can be converted to 10 tons of methanol per ton of CO2 collected.

“The existing technology costs about 150,000 won to collect CO2 1t, but if we use CCU technology, we can do it for 10,000 won,” CEO Lee said. “The price of methanol is 400,000 won per ton, so we can make about 4 million won worth of methanol and sodium carbonate with CO2 collected at 10,000 won.”