At the Climate Tech Venture Startup Meeting, Low Carbon became a representative company of Carbon Tech. Prime Minister Han Duck-soo attends the meeting.



Low Carbon attended the Climate Tech Venture Startup Meeting held on March 22nd as a representative climate tech company and introduced carbon tech technologies such as Zero C and CCUS technology.​

The event was hosted by Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, co-chairman of the Presidential “2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee,” following the “Town Hall Meeting” held in Busan on the 13th.​

At a meeting with Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, Low Carbon proposed active support from the government to contribute to carbon neutrality as Korea’s leading carbon technology company, and in response, 2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee expressed its willingness to actively foster climate technology to become a new growth engine for the country.​

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said, “Climate Technology is a creative approach where core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as space, AI, big data, and drones, meet to provide answers to greenhouse gas reduction and climate adaptation.”​

As a representative company of climate technology to achieve carbon neutrality and green growth in Korea, Low Carbon has been invited to all town hall meetings and meetings to express opinions to government officials and is expected to play a major role in reflecting the government’s carbon neutrality policy.

Photo Description: Low Carbon CEO Lee Chul explains Zero C to Prime Minister Han Duck-soo.

In addition, Lee Chul, CEO of Low Carbon, which is one of the five major areas of climate technology, explained technologies that directly collect and utilize carbon dioxide in the air and showed the future potential of carbon technology.

Low-carbon CCUS technology is expected to contribute greatly to the development of Korea’s carbon neutrality and new growth engines as a business model for responding to climate change and carbon neutrality.

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Prime Minister Han said, “We will establish a proper climate technology development strategy and actively support it.”

Photo explanation: Participants in the meeting with Prime Minister Han Deok-soo / Photo = Prime Minister’s Office provided

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo expressed his willingness to actively support climate technology at the “Climate Technology Venture and Startup Meeting” held at the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business on the 22nd.​

At the meeting, Prime Minister Han asked related ministries to establish a comprehensive plan that includes investment and support from the government, apparently, the role of climate tech companies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing climate-adjusted technologies is highlighted.​

At the meeting, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, Vice Minister of related ministries, ▲ 2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee, Deputy Secretary General Joo Dae-young, Shin Hyun-seok, Chairman of the Fair Trade and Climate Adaptation Division, Jung Soo-jong ▲ Company, Kim Jong-kyu (60Hz), Yoon Seok-kyu (Isola), Choi Jae-hyuk (Nears Lab), Um Se-hoon (IntoCore), Lee Chul), and Shin Min (Ltruet-Ltru.​

Climate technology is a compound word of climate and technology, which refers to all innovative technologies that contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation and climate adaptation while generating profits.​

Currently, about $50 billion (60 trillion won) of climate tech funds are invested worldwide a year, and investment is rapidly expanding every year despite difficult economic conditions such as Corona Pandemic, and all countries are speeding up their investment in climate tech centered on global investment funds such as BlackRock.​

In particular, major countries such as the EU, the United States, and China are making large-scale investments to foster the climate technology sector as a new growth engine, so if Korea lags behind this situation, it is time for active support at the government level.​

After listening to the opinions of the participants, Prime Minister Han said, “Competition between countries to preoccupy the climate tech market is already fierce, with about 60 trillion won invested in climate tech companies last year,” adding, “But it’s a pity that companies with these innovative technologies have many difficulties.”​

Climate technology is a field with enough potential for Korea to lead the global market, and we need bold and clear climate technology development measures before it is too late, he said. “The government will quickly review and reflect voices and suggestions from the site.”

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